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Chief Darcy Bear, Whitecap Dakota First Nation Ep.14

March 10, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 14
Land Decolonized Podcast
Chief Darcy Bear, Whitecap Dakota First Nation Ep.14
Show Notes

This week Richard speaks with Chief Darcy Bear of Whitecap Dakota First Nation in Saskatchewan. Having been a leader for the past 30 years, he says land code governance helped his community to move at the speed of business, with a casino, hotel, and golf course development and significant infrastructure that will support the community for generations.


01:42  Why Whitecap Dakota FN embraced the Framework Agreement on First Nations Land Management and the Land Code process. Fighting paternalism and lack of opportunity.
3:13  Remembers stories from his grandparents who raised him about the days of Indian Agents, permits and the Indian Affairs "dictatorship."
4:00  Connecting with Robert Louie of Westbank back in the early days of the Framework Agreement.
5:02  His Nation saw the benefits of a land code, especially when it saw huge delays in getting ministerial sign-off for a golf course development. It took three years!
6:03  His Saskatoon Tribal Council involvement in a casino project, and the ability in a land code to offer 99-year leases for commercial development.
7:20  He lists the many financial institutions now doing business in the community.
8:03  The huge infrastructure investments required to support new commercial and residential development.
9:58   The land code has given his community greater creativity and flexibility to operate at the speed of business.
13:00  Using own-source revenues to fund community culture and education.
14:03. Ongoing challenges of trying to find collateral to support individuals going into business.
16:15  There was a time when the Band didn't have a dime in its bank account. From there to $150 million in capital investments!
18:58  Chief Bear's perspective on the 25th anniversary of the Framework Agreement.
20:41  The sad history of lack of development despite location near the city of Saskatoon.
23:50   Collaborating with other governments to build a tourism corridor from Saskatoon to Lake Diefenbaker.
25:30   The history of alliances at Whitecap Dakota and the strange treatment of those who fought alongside the British.

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