Land Decolonized Podcast

Steven Roy Johnston, Mistawasis First Nation, SK Ep.17

March 31, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 17
Land Decolonized Podcast
Steven Roy Johnston, Mistawasis First Nation, SK Ep.17
Show Notes

Richard welcomes Steven Roy Johnston to the show this week. Being a Land Advisory Board member and Councillor for Mistawasis First Nation Steven comes from a long line of community leaders, and from one of the largest First Nations in Canada. Having taken on a land code fairly recently in 2017, Steven speaks to the continued protection of treaties with a land code, and the need for planning 7 generations ahead. Having a deep appreciation for the history of the community Steven believes the leadership has adapted to change and growing the community with strong economic development and a bigger better future for his community and the many others that will take on a land code in the future.

Show Notes:
00:29   Steven's family history of chiefs
2:12   Myth of treaties being affected by Land Code
2:30   Steven describes his community's land base, which is mostly agricultural
4:00   Successful resolution of Specific Land Claim adds 18,000 acres
5:48   New property for a gas station and further developments
7:31.  How he advocates for Land Code as a prairie director of LAB
9:29   Importance of treaties being protected and holding government accountable to its fiduciary duties
15:24   Growth of outside business interest in joint opportunities due to Land Code, including mining, civil and electrical engineering and value of good governance and stability
18:30   He describes community demographics with total population of 29,000
20:07   Using radio, email, podcasts and Zoom to communicate effectively, especially during pandemic
23:00   Significance of 25th anniversary and 100 operational communities.
25:11   How to contact him. (see below)
25:50.  Congratulates other bands, leaders, FNLMRC staff, Robert Louie and Austin Bear
26:35.  Richard's call-to-action with links and thanks for Apple milestone of 4th in Canada for non-profits
Councillor Steven Roy Johnston -
Mistawasis Nehiyawak First Nation
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