Land Decolonized Podcast

Joe Hall, Land Advisory Board Director, Tzeachten First Nation, BC Ep.16

March 24, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 16
Land Decolonized Podcast
Joe Hall, Land Advisory Board Director, Tzeachten First Nation, BC Ep.16
Show Notes


This week Richard speaks to Joe Hall, Grand Chief of the Sto:lo Nation and former chief of Tzeachten First Nation.  Having been impressed with the evolution of First Nations who have taken on a land code, positive change in the working relationships with local governments, planning and implementing land management processes, and putting control for self-government in the hands of the people have made all the difference for his community.

Joe describes community

1:24 How the land code has evolved over the years as communities take control of land management. Life prior to land code involved many delays in federal approval for the simplest of bylaws. Way too much red tape with the Indian Act.

3:12 Economic windows don’t stay open very long. Investors and developers can’t wait.

4:48 After land code in 2008, relationships with municipalities and the province. There was more respect for the ability to manage land on their own.

6:21 How nervous was he on the day of the ratification vote?

8:52 How council educated membership about the framework agreement and custom land code.

10:26 Curse of too many certificates of possession. LC brought about a process for rezoning.

11:29 How a land code brought about a change in community attitudes, social progress, and economic development. Must be a way to share concerns.

14:28 Importance of revisions to the legislation that lies on top of the framework agreement. Simplicity is required.

17:15 The rise of youth leadership to follow the early land code pioneers. They understand the importance of taking control of taxation, financial management, land, etc.

20:34 Impact of the pandemic on working with developmental First Nations. Zoom technology playing a role but nothing beats face-to-face communication.

22:22 Joe’s reflection on 25th anniversary of land code and closing in on 100 operational communities. Praises staff for making the process user-friendly. The process for smaller communities is much more inviting. Very excited about the future!

25:53 Joe is excited to promote land code during his retirement.

26:10 Richard promotes website, email and toll-free access to the Resource Centre.

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