Land Decolonized Podcast

Jim Cada, Director of Operations, Mississauga First Nation, ON Ep.19

April 14, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 19
Land Decolonized Podcast
Jim Cada, Director of Operations, Mississauga First Nation, ON Ep.19
Show Notes

James Cada from Mississauga First Nation joins the show this week. This Land Advisory Board member is a 30 year veteran of land management and his community of Mississauga First Nation enjoyed a smooth transition to self-government over their lands with many benefits and along the way.

  Jim describes his experience with the Land Code in his capacity as director of operations. Phil Goulais, Austin Bear and Robert Louie played key roles.
2:45 Had a draft land code by 2003. Tells the story of a road that was a critical element. Wasn't passed until 2009.
4:03  No issues with land registry. There were no Certificate of Possession (CP) on the occupied land base and no surveys.
4:48  The land code has led to several laws, including waste management, noise bylaw, community protection (important in Covid management in a small community.)
6:11.  Had only .16 acres of land when the code was passed! But added land later.
8:14   History of having land use plan covering historic and sacred sites to protect. That stalled but community is still working on it. Covid has affected consultation.
9:51  Comments on approaching 100 operational communities within the framework agreement. A long way from those original 14! "We are in charge" and no longer having to deal with ISC.
11:16  Jim enjoys speaking in other communities about the benefits of land code.
12:20   He sees much improved relationships with businesses, especially Hydro and Union Gas.
13:11   Jim developed a good rapport with Resource Centre staff and has great things to say about the level of support.
14:12   Bill Henderson and other legal counsel have been great.
14:33.  The best way to contact Jim is by email at the Band office.
15:03   Richard promotes upcoming shows.