Land Decolonized Podcast

Samantha Noganosh, Magnetawan First Nation, ON Ep.29

June 30, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 1 Episode 29
Land Decolonized Podcast
Samantha Noganosh, Magnetawan First Nation, ON Ep.29
Show Notes

Samantha Nogonash, former Deputy Chief and current Land Manager of the Magnetawon First Nation Samantha shares a wonderful on-the-ground perspective on day-to-day land management. Having been operational with a land code for the past 6 years, Magnetawan has made turtles a priority for their environmental protection activities and believes Land Decolonized ultimately means community control and collective decision making.

We want to thank everyone who joined us for a successful Season 1 of the podcast! We will be back with our first show of Season 2 in Fall 2021.


1:40 Samantha Noganosh talks about her role as deputy chief and now lands manager. She will focus totally on that by not running in the upcoming band election.
2:35 Why was she so intrigued about land management? Elders helped push her along after college.
3:28  Magnetawan is celebrating its 6th anniversary with land code.
4:09 Its land code was amended to account for a transmission line extension and future development opportunities.
5:15 Samantha talks about establishing a lands committee and the challenges around the Covid-19 pandemic. Needed to move to more online communications.
5:54. A brief chat about community health during the pandemic. Currently at 72% vaccination rate (fully.)
6:28 Band is located on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay, about three hours north of Toronto. A hot spot for wildlife and species at risk.
7:00 Species at risk was a huge motive for taking more control of their land, plus future business opportunities. Highway 69 widening was also an issue. Wanted to help reduce the turtle kill on the highway.
8:53 With the highway widening it should bring new economic opportunities.
9:18  Huge thanks to FNLMRC for its assistance and also to other national contacts.
9:50  Sees benefits to community and congratulates other 100 communities.
10:15 Land decolonization means community control and community decision-making.  Land code helps with collective decision-making.
12:00 Samantha comments on land code being "one of community's most historic events."
12:34 Protecting turtles was focus of one of the new laws created on environmental protection. Band was compensated by a law-breaker by receiving turtle incubators. Has moved into a new office with a laboratory to help the turtles along.
14:20 Check out their Facebook page!
14:39 Richard promotes band website and mentions summer break with the podcast returning in September 2021.

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