Land Decolonized Podcast

Ty Roberts - Lac La Ronge Indian Band Ep.31

November 24, 2021 First Nation Land Management Resource Centre Season 2 Episode 31
Land Decolonized Podcast
Ty Roberts - Lac La Ronge Indian Band Ep.31
Show Notes

1:24   Ty describes the rationale for his community entering the Land Code process.
2:49   Having a land code has cleared up some confusion and potential conflicts of interest around land use.
5:44   Ty's background in environmental and soil sciences is ideal for his current work as reserve land manager. His work experience began up north.
8:35 Land codes are always a work in progress, but environmental protection is in the draft stage for all 19 reserves, ensuring that quality of lands is sacrosanct and that violations will lead to stuff penalties. No longer 'the wild west.'
12:17  Talks are underway to explore Treaty 6 agricultural benefits, more commonly referred to 'Cows and Plows'. Chief and council taking the lead on this.
13:55   A huge benefit is being able to take advantage of owning huge tracts of agricultural land - about 35,000 acres that is rented out. That revenue is no longer controlled by Indigenous Services Canada.
15:35   Lac La Ronge Indian Band has stepped in to help with emergency relief for homeless people in the tri-communities area.
19:12.  Ty comments on a recent award to Chief Tammy Cook-Searson by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.
21:09. The community is launching ground radar searching for the graves of those lost in two residential schools in the area.
22:31   Ty describes the emotional difficulties when talking about de-colonizing, the need to be heard and recognized so people can hear the truth, that there will no reconciliation without the truth. He says Land Code can help.
25:01.  He has been fortunate in his own life to succeed in the outside education, but has benefited from traditional teaching, so has seen himself walking in two worlds.
26:51. Ty has exciting news about the birth of their first son, Watson Edward Roberts!
28:00. His contact: The band also has an active website and Facebook page which has current info including job postings.
28:51  Richard's extra and call-to-action to visit for current news and important upcoming online events.

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